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Variable Opaque Products

Empty airplane seats, unoccupied rooms, unfilled auditoria

Filling to capacity is the challenge for revenue managers and pricing strategists in service industries such as airlines, hotels and the entertainment industry.


The SigmaZen VOP System

The SigmaZen VOP System has been developed for all suppliers of products and services who need to market perishable over-capacity.

Our system is an intelligent, web-based interface that interacts with your existing marketing systems to provide uncertainty products as part of your portfolio of offerings. Customers interact via the VOP system on your website to create a personalized price-product combination depending on their willingness to accept one of a range of product attributes. After they purchase the product they find out what they are getting.

Our mission

Our Mission is to help industries increase their incremental revenues by selling their distressed inventory to a new market of flexible, price-sensitive customers. It is important to us that we help you optimize your resources, draw additional customers to your website and successfully implement state-of-the-art data analysis to better understand and delight these customers.

Airlines are a typical example of the application of the VOP System:

A couple would like to celebrate their anniversary in a major European city but it is important for them to save money. Their anniversary is in the middle of a busy week, so they would like to celebrate on any weekend of the month. Using the VOP system of a renowned airline they put in their request: a choice of cities and a choice of dates and they are immediately offered a price. Because of their flexibility they are offered a very cheap price, even below their budget. Hoping for a little more sunshine they decide to narrow down the choices to three cities. The new price suits their budget so they accept, pay online and then find out their travel dates and destination.