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Empty airplane seats, unoccupied rooms, unfilled auditoriA-

filling to capacity is the challenge for revenue managers and pricing strategists in service industries such as airlines, hotels and the entertainment industry.


We, the SigmaZen GmbH, are a software company based at the Lake of Constance in the South of Germany. We have more than 14 years experience in developing Opaque Products.
Our particular area of expertise has been in designing and implementing Variable Opaque Products for Airlines.



Our system enables you to sell your distressed inventory over your website in a way that generates net incremental revenue resulting in large increases in bottom-line profit. We do this by creating new demand but in a way that cannibalization effects are managed so that the net effect is incremental revenue.

What is a variable opaque product (VOP)?

Like all Opaque Products, Variable Opaque Products (VOPs) reward customers prepared to accept uncertainty in the delivered product with a discount from the standard fully specified product. With the VOP the customer is encouraged to interact and to vary the amount of opaqueness to suit her needs and to create a product-price combination that satisfies her requirements.



what forms can a vop take?

VOPs can be time-flexible, destination-flexible and a combination of both time- and destination-flexible. Our most succesfull VOPs are restriction-free VOPs, where customers are able to create the full range of product-price combinations. Of course, customers not willing to accept much uncertainty are offered only a small discount from the regular price.


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